12734254_1260616977288494_5712544735694837519_nLearn how to create classic Tuscan dishes.  A fantastic experience – wine included. “…cooking lesson at Cook & Dine with Rita Tuscan Style, a definite highlight!” – Review comment October 2016

Introduction to Tuscan Cooking (3-4 hours) is the most popular course. You can choose which type of cooking you wish to learn and practice. Enjoy a one day hands-on cooking lesson with our Italian chefs introducing you to authentic Tuscan recipes. Discover step by step how to make a satisfying full Italian meal, ranging from appetizers to dessert, including the art of making fresh pasta.

Classes start at 10.00/10.30 and  2.30/3.00 , they last 3.30/4 hours and then sit down together and savour your meal with a fine glass of Tuscan wine. 

Prices from €100 per person (discount for 3 or more people) including all ingredients, tuition, wine with your meal and gift of a cooking apron and recipes to take home. A discount will be given for 3 or more persons. Transport can be arranged.

Option 1 – A mix of the best

Start with making a delicious barley soup (a speciality of the area with locally grown farro barley).

Make hand made pasta from scratch in various shapes and sizes including cheese and spinach ravioli. Match the pasta with various sauces. Make both a meat and a tomato sauce. Learn how to make bruschetta topping with sausage and mushroom.

Finish by making a traditional a Tiramisu.


Option 2 – Pasta, Pasta, Pasta

Lesson dedicated to pasta making and sauces

Using an authentic pasta machine you will make fresh pasta in various shapes and sizes including cheese and spinach ravioli and meat filled ravioli.

Learn how to make 5 pasta sauces and how to match them with the best pasta. Ragu and salsa di Pomodoro (meat and tomato sauce ) carbonara, amatriciana, boscaiola (woodman’s sauce)



Option 3 – Pizza party


Make authentic pizza in both a log oven and traditional oven.  From the pizza dough you can make pasta fritta , focaccia alle patate (potato focaccia) alle verdure (with veg).

Focaccia dessert  including focaccia alla nutella with crema pasticciera and frutta fresca (custard and fruit)



Option 4 – Seafood lovers


Mare Caldo (saute clams, mussels calamari and prawns)

Spaghettii allo scoglio (seafood spaghetti)

Fritto Misto   (Fried calamari and prawns)

A Dessert of your choice





Option 5 – Full lunch 

Food and wine experiences

Consisting of starters, pasta course, main course and dessert

Crostini misti (selection of canapes) and insalata di farro (barley salad)

Fresh gnocchi alla salsa di pomodoro e basilico. (Home made gnocchi with tomato and basil)

Scaloppina al vino bianco (Veal escalope with white wine sauce.)     with zucchini fritti (fried courgette flowers), followed by tiramisu.

We can also offer a 4 or 7 day cooking class package which also include trips to vineyards and nearby places of importance.  Please inquire for more details.

For more information or if you would like to book an activity please Contact us