Experience magical Tuscan capital and renowned city of art

Day trip / Tours of Florence

Day trip / Tours of Florence


Visit to Florence with English speaking experienced tour guide. Depart 8am Return 6pm using a taxi minibus. The prices quoted are included of trip and 3 hours tour with tourist guide and a taxi/minibus. VISIT TO FLORENCE.

Groups of 4 people: € 90 per person. 5 to 6 people : € 65 per person. 7 to 8 people : € 50 per person (price is subject to change)

We work with an experienced English speaking guide who lives in Florence. She offers various tours of the city which can be adapted to your own needs and interests. Please see below for the various options. Each tour lasts around 6 hours and there are breaks of course.

Option 1

Walking tour of Florence for those who have never been before and who are not interested in visiting museums and galleries.

Meet at the train station and begin the tour from Santa Maria Novella Square.

This tour will introduce you Florence and get familiar with the history of the city through its main historic buildings. We visit  Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral  with its Brunelleschi’s Dome and the Baptistry building, the oldest religious building in Florence, with the copy of Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise, and Giotto’s Bell Tower. The tour will continue along some of the surviving medieval alleys admiring medieval buildings which stand out like “ surviving giants”, testimonies of a glorious past.

You arrive at Piazza della Signoria , one of the world’s most staggering squares, the medieval heart of the Florentine Secular power  with its late 13th century  Town Hall “ Palazzo Vecchio”. The square boasts one of the greatest outdoor sculpture collections from Benvenuto Cellini’s Perseus, to the copy of Michelangelo’s David, whose original is now into the Academy of Fine Arts Gallery.  Next, the Uffizi Gallery, the world’s most famous paintings gallery for Renaissance paintings collection:  From Giotto to Masaccio, from Filippo Lippi to Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci , Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian. You will enjoy walking through the Pèiazzale degli Uffizi  to admire the building and the statues  of the “ Uomini illustri”  ( Tuscan artists) who contributed with their talents to lead Tsucany to its historic and  cultural supremacy and then we will go to the  Ponte Vecchio, the oldest surviving medieval Bridge.

Option 2

Learn about The Medici family and Florence

This tour is for those who have been to Florence at least once, and who would like to learn more about the history of the family and of their patronage

Meet at Santa Maria Novella train Station

The tour will start from San Lorenzo Church, the Medici parish church and their burial place, with  Old Sacristy,  designed by Brunelleschi.  The tour will continue into the Medici Burial Chapels, the largest Mausoleum dedicated to the long lasting powerful family, where they will visit Michelangelo’s New Sacristy with the staggering statues of Day and Night, Dawn and Dusk. The tour will continue at Piazza Duomo to visit the Cathedral etc, as tour 1, but we will join the Duomo through Via Martelli where the First Medici Palace, one of treasures of Renaissance architecture,  still stand out.

Admission to San Lorenzo church – 5 euros

Admission to the Medici Chapels – 9 euros

Option 3 -Museums tour

Uffizi Gallery or Accademia

Not both in the same day because there is a lot to see, even for a brief introduction.

Costs of the tours

Private family tour – €180

Mixed group of up to 6 people – €210 or €35 per person

Museum entrance fees not included.



Simone Romei will arrange each part of the tour and will transport you in his 8 seater taxi mini-bus. He also makes the arrangements of the tours, each tour can be adapted to your preference. Contact him directly on romeitravel1@gmail.com or (0039) 3333 780832  (let Simone know you are staying at a Friends of Tuscany house as you will get favourable rates).

Please note that the prices are subject to change.

For more information or if you would like us to arrange an activity for you please Contact us