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Walking Routes in Garfagnana

Higher Serchio valley

Starting in Piazza al Serchio, taking in the fortress at Verrucole, Villetta, and San Romano. Max. 5
hours walking.



Heart of Garfagnana

Starting and finishing in Camporgiano, taking in Villetta and the viaduct to Poggio. Max. 4 hours




campocatino_bStarting in Vagli Sopra, takes in the mountain pasture village of Campocatino and the cliff-side
hermitage of San Viviano, with views of a working marble quarry. Max. 3 and half hours walking.





castelnuovo_di_garfagnana-roccaStarts in Castelnuovo, takes in hill-top towns of Perpoli, Palerosa and Fiattone, ending at Ponte di
Campia – where a large river-pool offers opportunity for some wild swimming if desired.  Max. 3
and half hours walking.




Orto di Donna

pisaninoStarts at mountain refuge Donegani and reaches the crests of the Apuan Alps with views of
working marble quarry. Can conclude with wild swimming in Lake Gramolazzo if desired.
Flexible time depending on how much walking is desired – from 3 and half to 7 hours.




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