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The Garfagnana area is renowned as one of the best area’s in Italy for walking, hiking and mountain biking. The area boasts an impressive series of trails, for novice walkers to expert climbers. These trails are very well maintained and supported by Italy’s Alpine Club (CAI).

Walking in the area has never been easier. Gone are the days of scrumpled up faded maps, a new APP has been launched that allows you to navigate from your mobile phone. As enthusiastic walkers, we at Friends of Tuscany, highly recommend this new App. It is cheap, easy to use and you can download the maps before you set off (so no internet it needed). Please remember to charge your phone before you leave!

MULTIMAPP turns your smartphone or tablet into a full-featured GPS device for hiking and outdoor activities, or more generally for easy walks.


MULTIMAPP helps you plan your trips and provides information associated with points of interest in the area such as natural and cultural sites, tourist services, shelters/ refuges for overnight stays, castles and fortifications, tourist caves, museums and more.

MULTIMAPP allows you to quickly download maps and content and then use them completely OFFLINE, making the App functional even in areas with poor or no coverage.  Select the map you want from the joining screen (map T.17 covers most of the Garfagnana area) before you start.

Once you’ve downloaded the map, you do not have to worry about additional charges or roaming (often considerable for foreign tourists), since only the GPS signal is needed to display your position. Downloaded maps can be deleted if there is a need for space in your device’s memory and then downloaded at no extra cost. Maps and content updates can be downloaded free of charge.

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Friends of Tuscany

Written by friendsoftuscany • April 28, 2017
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