Jumps, slides, drops and pure adrenaline

All the outdoor activities are lead by experienced and passionate English speaking guides. Their job is to ensure your safety whilst encouraging you to challenge your boundaries. Explore and admire the wonders of a stunning river environment, below or above ground.
Gorge Walking

Jumps, slides, drops and pure adrenaline.

The descent of a river ravine, walking, jumping into water wells, descending with the aid of ropes and slings. Suitable for all ages (age 8 to 70+).

Half day descent (4 to 5 hours) – Rio Selvano

Every day in April to October, weather permitting. €60 per person €45 per child (8-12 years).
Minimum 4 persons – bring towel and training shoes/walking boots.
Monday to Friday start time 2pm. Weekend start time 9am and 2pm.
Transport with own car or taxi minibus can be arranged.


Full day descent (7 to 8 hours) – Orrido di Botri

Tuesday to Friday (with early advance booking) or weekends in June to October, weather permitting. €85 per person (14 years +). Includes entrance fee to nature reserve.
Minimum 8 persons – bring towel and walking boots.
Possible in the week-end or with early booking Tuesday to Friday. Start time 8am.
Transport with own car or taxi minibus can be arranged.






Discover the inner beauty of the underworld.
Cave systems have taken thousands of years to evolve their fantastic shapes, and crystal/clay formations in this unique natural world. A caving tour takes you to a world that will leave an unforgettable impression. Caving activities vary according to the degree of technical expertise and experience of the participants.

Tana che Urla
The Tana che Urla is a wonderful underground world in the Apuan Alps – an easy but very exiting caving excursion of three and a half hours.

Every day on request weather permitting €50 per person, €40 per child (8 – 12 years).
Minimum 2 persons. Bring towel and sports/training shoes.
Start time – 2pm Monday to Friday or 9am and 2pm on weekends.
Transport with own car or taxi minibus can be arranged.

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